The Ultimate Foam Builders Bundle:

  • 23 In-depth step-by-step video tutorials in Prop Making with E.V.A. Foam
  • All Videos and bonuses for Armor Crafting with E.V.A. Foam(Live this week)
  • Patterning Scaling and Sizing Tutorial Series (coming soon)
  • All Cosplay Sensei Templates FREE
  • Online support and mentorship vis Private FB Group


Prop Making with E.V.A. Foam

This tutorial is designed to teach you the ins and outs of creating any prop you can imagine with EVA foam. If you want to follow along with the specific template used in this video, or any other templates, you can get them from the Cosplay Sensei Store or Member Store. If you're ready to start the journey to making your own amazing props for cons, contests, films or fun, this is the course to get you started!


Armor Crafting with E.V.A. Foam

This series is an exclusive step-by-step guide into the foam armor making process. We feature the construction of a suit of Female Titan amor from the video-game Destiny, however all of the techniques and processes showcased in this can be used to construct any armor or props you can imagine with E.V.A. If you are looking to learn the true craft of how to make Hollywood level costumes without spending Hollywood level dollars this is the course for you!


Patterning, Scaling and Sizing Series

Ever spend days or weeks on a project just to find out it doesn't fit? Yep. We know your pain. In this series we showcase the process of creating different types of patterns for props and costumes. We break down the 3D modeling, sizing and scaling process for pepakura paper patterns, as well as show you how to make a duck tape dummy and create a pattern from scratch! It's perfect for anyone looking for that sexy custom fit cosplay!