LEARN Prop Making
with E.V.A. Foam

Not sure how to get started with prop making?

Then Learn Prop Making with E.V.A. Foam is exactly what you need.

If you're ready to acquire the skills and techniques necessary to start building and constructing amazing work, then this guide will be the perfect vehicle to get you there.

So Stand out and create amazing props and costumes today!


Here's a Quick Overview:

Prop Making with E.V.A. Foam is designed to teach you the ins and outs of creating any prop you can imagine. If you want to follow along with the specific template used in this video, or any other templates, you can get them from the Cosplay Sensei Gumroad site or GET THEM FREE with your purchase of ANY Cosplay Sensei Tutorial Series.


What's in the course:


Part 1 - Building the Core

In this first section, Tim demonstrates the techniques needed to properly take a pattern from patter and adapt it to foam. He covers the basic tools used to cut out sections layer by layer and assemble the foam together into the beginnings of the props core.


Part 2 - Sculpting and Finishing the Base

Continuing through the process, this section will teach how to sculpt and shape the the basic core you've started with into the completed shape it needs to be. Tim goes into depth into using the dremel and adding strips of foam in certain areas to hide the seam lines of the prop.


Part 3 - Adding Details

This section is rich with information about how to add the finishing touches to the foam model. It focuses on all the little detail and often overlooked tips and tricks to crafting a beautifully sculpted final model that will be ready to seal and paint.


Part 4 - Finishing the Prop

In this last section, Tim goes over the final details. First adding the barrel with PVC pipe, and then diving into the process he uses for sealing the model with plasti-dip. For the finishing touches he teaches several steps and techniques for taping and painting different colors, weathering and adding decals the the prop.

The Sensei


Tim Winn is a seasoned costume and prop designer and has worked in the industry for well over a decade. With a start as a Disney Character Performer, he has grown in experience in both the public facing aspects of cosplay and the behind the scenes work. His costumes have been featured in viral Youtube campaigns for the channels Freakin Rad, DevinSuperTramp and many others.

He has won costume contests including notably 1st place in the  Larger than Life category in the TwitchCon 2016 Cosplay Competition for his 9 foot tall Reinhardt from the game Overwatch. Tim has worked in every medium out there for costume and prop construction and has become a world expert in sculpting and building with foam.

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This course will cover:

  • Adapting a Videogame File to Pepakura and Foam
  • Basic and Advanced Foam Crafting Techniques
  • Basic and Advanced Armor Sculpting and Assembly
  • Detail, Accent and Line Work
  • Sealing and Prepping Foam for Finishing
  • Painting, Weathering and Detailed Finishing Work
  • Assembling the Full Costume Suit of Armor