Building Larger than Life Costumes

Making Gigantic Costumes Can Really Draw a Crowd!

The Cosplay Sensei team geared up and walked the halls of Salt Lake City Comic Con in a 9 foot tall costume!

The long story is: Cosplay Sensei, Tim Winn, made this costume for the 2016 Twitch Cosplay Competition last year... and since then it had been collecting dust in his living room... and his kitchen, and his workshop... and pretty much every room in his house because it was too big for any one single space.

However, you never want to hide your Reinhardt's under a bushel, right? So naturally we tuned up the costume and set out to meet some like minded Overwatch and Cosplay fans at the convention.

The entire costume was built out of E.V.A. Foam, LED lights, some foam tubes, and the skeleton that holds it up was built with PVC pipe. So naturally, it was pretty spectacular.

If you want to learn how to start building with EVA foam check out our tutorials here:

Boston McConnaughey