DIY - How to Make Anything Out of EVA Foam!

Making your own costume accessories is as easy as E...V...A!

In this video we took a relatively simple, but stylish pistol called The Traveler's Chosen from Destiny 2.

The Traveler's Chosen was first seen at Guardian Con before the release of Destiny 2. At the time, the game was not yet available and detailed information about the weapons hadn't been released. However, our Cosplay Sensei Tim Winn, gathered up what information and photos he could and created a stunning template for this weapon and adapted it quickly into a model made from E.V.A. foam.

This video shows a quick overview of all the steps used in the construction process, but for the full detailed step-by-step guide, we've created a master tutorial class out of this project entitled: Prop Making with E.V.A. Foam. The tecniques used in that tutorial can be learned and adapted to any prop you can imagine...

Learn in depth how to make this weapon here:

Boston McConnaughey