Destiny Girl - Making Costumes for Film

One thing we pride ourselves at Freakin Rad is telling and showcasing high quality stories. In order to do that we have challenged ourselves to make high quality costumes. We want people to watch our videos and say, "That looks like a Hollywood Level Production."

Well... with Destiny Girl - Truth is, we didn't have Hollywood level dollars. In fact, we had no money, and our nights and weekends, and the result is that of creativity and a lot of donated time and talent.

It was clear from the beginning that people loved the costumes. And so we decided from the get go, that we were going to showcase how we made each prop or suit, and that's exactly what we've done.

If you want to learn how to make exactly what we used, or something similar, the best place to start is our Cosplay Foam Builders Bundle. We teach how to make the exact gun and armor you see in Destiny Girl, so you too can enjoy the glory of living a video game in real life!

Boston McConnaughey