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Learn To Cosplay - 5 Pro-Secrets to Making Cinema Quality Costumes


In this FREE training you'll learn:

  • How to research and start a project - For some folks picking the right project can be the hardest part. Tim walks through his method of how to research and assess starting any build.
  • The best tools and materials to begin a custom build - Just last week Tim finished a custom helmet only using 3 tools! All too often we think getting the right tools and materials is expensive and difficult, it isn't! We'll show you why!
  • Step-by-step the top 10 EVA foam building techniques - This is the best part of the training, we walk you through some amazing techniques bit by bit and give pointers that are perfect for makers of all levels!
  • 5 Secrets to Learning Quickly - We also have packed in loads of strategy, and good practices to help you get results FAST!
  • Pitfalls to avoid - As with any training we also help steer you clear of some of the biggest hang ups that beginners or even seasoned veterans face when building!
  • ...and more!!!

Cosplay Sensei : Tim Winn

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